Learn Microsoft Excel the cheap, fast and easy way [Deals]

Master the dark arts of Excel spreadsheets with this packed lesson bundle.
Master the dark arts of Excel spreadsheets with this packed lesson bundle.
Image: Cult of Mac Deals

It’s hard to find a professional setting where Excel doesn’t play a role. So being skills in Microsoft’s flagship spreadsheet app aren’t just useful, they’re super marketable.

The Ultimate All-Level Excel Bootcamp offers a great opportunity to master this critical app. Broken into four courses, it totals nearly 70 hours of content. Courses move from the basics of spreadsheets up to Excel’s most advanced tools and techniques.

Through video tutorials and practice spreadsheets, you’ll learn to create and work with data in ways that are useful to nearly any professional environment. You’ll quickly come to grips with basic functions like sorting, filtering and configuring graphs. That means more advanced Excel concepts will make more sense as you progress.

After that, the Ultimate All-Level Excel Bootcamp moves up to automating spreadsheets, working with PivotTable and PowerPivot, forecasting data, conditional formatting and other high-levels spreadsheet skills. Additionally, it offers a certification so you can back up that impressive new line you’re going to add to your resume.

Buy now: Get the Ultimate All-Level Excel Bootcamp for $35. That’s a whopping 85 percent off the usual price.

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