How Exactly Do You Download a Ringtone?

Perhaps you are one of those people who like to have all the information necessary before you take the plunge and do something. This is not a bad characteristic to have, but it often means that you delay doing something and then worry that you haven’t done it because you haven’t had time to find the information you want. May be you haven’t downloaded your favorite tune to use as a ringtone because you are not sure of the processes involved. Here are the main ways of downloading a ringtone to your phone.

First of all, you can’t just download any ringtone to your phone; it has to be compatibles with your make of phone. Don’t despair though as there are ringtones for all brands out there, you just have to find them. If the song or tune you want is very popular and modern you  will be asked to pay a small amount (generally between $2 and $3) which covers the cost of royalties. If you want a classical piece, you don’t have to pay as the copyright will have expired (after 50-70 years usually) and the piece of music will be in the public domain. You might have to pay for an animal noise or an ambulance siren because someone has recorded it and uploaded it and so it is deemed to be their copyright.

So you choose your ringtone and then there are three basic ways of getting onto your phone. If you have the right software and computer configuration you can transfer the data to your compatible phone with a data link or infrared technology. This is easy but you will have to spend some time and money to set it up. Once you’ve done this though, you can download ringtones as often as you like.

The second way is to send your phone a special text message that embodies the program for your chosen ringtone by SMS or EMS (Enhanced Messaging Service). So you send a ‘smart’ message to your phone coded to enable it to recognize it as a ringtone. Another way is to select the ringtone you want from a web site and key in your phone number so that the administrators of the site can send the message containing the ringtone directly to your phone.

Alternatively you can pick your ringtone from a web site and use an SMS gateway site to send the message to your phone. To do this you find the code for the ringtone you want in the appropriate format for your phone e.g. the Nokia binary format for a Nokia phone and copy it as a smart message.

If I have a Sprint or Nextel cell phone, can I download free ringtones? The answer is yes, but I found that depending on which type you have, things can vary. Apparenly, the situation with the Sprint and Nextel ringtones is a bit different. So, depending on for which type of phone you want to download free ringtones, there are things to consider.

With most sprint cell phones, you can accept a downloaded ringtone sent by SMS. Originally, when it came to the download of free ringtones, only Sprint had access to the format that needed to be used to send the ringtone. However, the format Sprint uses is now better known and there are actually places, besides Sprint, where you can download free ringtones for your Sprint phone. The fact is, though, that the free ringtones that are available for download may not work with every Sprint PCS phone available. The only thing you can really do is go out, download free ringtones, and then try them to see if they work on the phone you have. The important fact is that it is an available service now by several different websites and services, and not just a Sprint service as was the case when they were not releasing their ringtone delivery format.

Historically, Nextel, which is owned by Motorola, has had a good reputation when it comes to downloadable ringtones. Motorola has allowed people, in the past, to download free ringtones from wireless internet connections. So, it should stand to reason that Nextel phones, for the most part, will play downloaded free ringtones without a problem. The best thing you can probably do is just download some free ringtones and try them out on your Nextel phone. In most cases, I think you will find that they do indeed work effectively.

So what happens if you try to download free ringtones and they don’t work? Well, unfortunately there is very little you can do in such a situation. Like computers, cell phones become out of date almost every month, so it is possible you will get a cell phone and then find two weeks later that your friends all have phones that do things yours will not. In that case, really all you can do is either accept the ringtones on your phone or get a different phone. So, be sure that before you buy a phone that it will accept any downloaded free ringtones if you think that is something you will want to be able to do.


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