Best Memory Foam Mattresses

You have all probably seen on these on television at one time or another: A pajama-clad woman jumping up and down on one of those memory foam mattresses with the glass of red wine placed so arbitrarily on the other side. She is jumping and jumping, yet the otherwise unstable glass keeps upright and barely moves a hair. These type of memory foam mattresses really do exist, believe it or not.

So you are in the market for a memory foam mattress? Great!

Traditional mattresses, such as the box spring, were at one time a revolutionary product of their own. The late 20th-century, though, gave us an Best gel memory foam mattress extremely better solution though-and that is the memory foam mattress. To understand why, you have to understand how more traditional mattresses can hinder your sleep and even hurt your body. When you are tossing and turning all night, that is usually very indicative of your body not having the adequate support that it needs for a good night’s sleep. With memory cells, such as the patented Tempur-Pedic Tempur cells, pressure from the bed is kept to a bare minimum, and the exact spot you are sleeping in absorbs all of the energy when you move. That is an undeniable advantage over older, spring-based mattresses. You have the pleasure of getting in and out of bed, without disturbing your sleeping partner! Also, these special cells contour around your body as well as a snug-fitting glove.

This is a brief introduction to some of the best memory foam mattresses and some of their attributes, all usually at very affordable prices. These mattresses are typically constructed of a synthetic, polyurethane material and go through a process that turn them into what is known as visco-elasticity. This material that has this built-in elasticity has to be able to “bounce back”, and that is where the foam is “graded”. Grading is the process whereby weight is most accurately calibrated to give the best overall density and weight factor. ILD, or Indentation Load Deflection-simply said, is how soft or how hard the foam is. When looking for a memory foam mattress, it’s advisable to go with the lower % ILD over the higher one, after all, the higher figure is going to be much stiffer and more dense, only for those who like the ultimate in firmness.

Finally, one more thing to keep in mind is that the better among these mattresses are designed to be highly resilient from sinking, and at the same time the force of your body pressing down on the material (this counteracts the cells “want” to push back up) will give a great, supportive, enjoyable sleep experience. So there you have it. The best memory foam mattresses will include, at the very least, those features mentioned previously, and 99% of the time more great features. ome are industry standard, and some are more-or-less company specific, or proprietary. Any savvy shopper can find a great deal on a very-high quality memory foam mattress, without breaking the bank.


If you are considering buying a memory foam mattress, then you are probably trying to figure which one is the best. Many manufacturers would tell you that they produce the best memory foam mattress. Adding to it is the fact that there are several types of these mattresses that have come out in recent years. The following will discuss the brands that are most often recommended and the best mattresses they have available.


First, we’ll cover Tempur-Pedic mattresses. This brand has developed a reputation because of the quality mattresses they produce. A typical mattress consists of 5.3 pounds of memory foam, and below it is 5 inches of polyurethane. Their mattresses also come with a free trial for 90 days and a 20 year warranty, which places it among the best memory mattresses.

This demonstrates that Tempur-Pedic believes in the quality of their mattresses and that they will stand the test of time. In addition to producing the best mattresses, they also provide excellent customer service and really listen to what their customers have to say so they can improve their products.


Serta is another brand that has a reputation for producing some of the best memory mattresses. Serta, like Tempur-Pedic, prides itself on building products that are top of the line and built to last. The Perfect Sleeper Plush is one example, and is considered to one of the best because the advanced technology it uses. Several sizes are available, and the Serta Perfect Sleeper King Size provides maximum space, luxury, and comfort.


Finally, we get to Sealy Mattress. Because of their presence in the bedding industry, they are thought of as one of the elite manufacturers. The Sealy TrueForm and the Sealy PosturePedic are two of the best memory mattresses they have to offer. Sealy TrueForm is one of the most comfortable beds you will find, as visco elastic foam covers its high density foam core to make it one of the best ones out there. The PosturePedic is not 100% memory foam, as it’s more of an inner-spring type and is orthopedically designed.

The aforementioned brands are just several in the memory foam mattress industry that sell quality mattresses. Do some comparison shopping and read customer reviews on all the mattresses you are considering, especially when buying online. You can’t go wrong buying a mattress from any of these brands.


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